Robert's Story

Robert has always been very self-motivated, even before he first entered the Culinary Arts Certificate Program. Two weeks after completing the program, Robert was hired by Arc Culinary. Since his hiring last year at the Arc Culinary kitchen he has really honed his skills. He was always at the top of his class when it came to knife skills, but in the time he has spent with Arc Culinary you can truly see how much he has developed.

Robert has become a very independent and reliable cook and he is able to prepare meals with minimal supervision. He is very communicative is able to pick up on things that are overlooked by others. Robert has a focused attitude which allows him to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. In this past year Robert has shown a tremendous amount of growth in the kitchen as well as in his personality. He is more confident and has found inspiration to cook his own recipes at home for his family.

Robert is a caring and humble young man who is not only a strong team member, but an inspiration for others to follow. His honesty and hard work make him an incredible success story for any young adult struggling to find their calling. He has truly become part of the Arc Culinary kitchen family.

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